Avoire Voltic Nigeria - Nigerian Hotel Professional

Avoire Voltic Nigeria

Avoire Voltic Nigeria has been a member of the Real Hotelier community since November, 2017 and currently lives in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Years of Experience: 4
More about AVOIRE

Avoire Voltic Hospitality Co. is a creative branding firm specialized in bespoke Hotel amenities, cleaning products, Coporate and promotional gift items. It's one stop shop for all Hotel amenities.

Our vision is to be the leading name in hotel support services, brand innovation and marketing communications for the hospitality industry.

Our mission is to build long term relationships with our client and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and commitment.

Our specialties are:

Hotel Toiletries- soap shampoo,body lotion, bath gel, shoe mitt, sanitary bag, vanity kit, sewing kit, conditioner,
Beddings- Flat sheet, Duvet, duvet cover, pillows,pillow protector, pillow cases bed skirts
Towels- bath sheet, Body towel ,hand towel, face towel, gym towel, pool towel
Cleaning products- Hand wash, toilet wash, ceramic/tile wash, oven cleaner, Degreaser,Dish was,
General branding - Coporate and promotional items
We work with you to evolve your ideas from concept to finished products.

Our key values: The key to our process is in depth up front research that we use to access internal and external perspective on organization to translate a huge creative approach.

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